How to make a superhero cape

My mum told me about, who are making super hero capes for sick and disadvantaged children in the UK and the rest of the World. So I thought I would make one too, and show you how to do it, so you can make them at home as well.

I cut the fabric out using this pattern that my mum made, you can use the shape in the picture to make your own from newspaper.

18th may i pad 0182

I put the paper on the fabric, pinned it onto the fabric and cut it out. The black rod is an iron paper weight in case you were wondering. I cut out two pieces of fabric, one for the outside and one for the inside of my cape.

18th may i pad 0192

Once I cut them out, my mum embroidered a dragon on her embroidery machine. You could stitch on a piece of felt or fleece with a design instead, like a lightening bolt and things like that. You can download lots of templates on the internet to use or copy one from a book.

18th may i pad 0262

Lay the fabric pieces together, good side to good side, pin them together like shown, and then stitch together, leaving a 10cm gap to turn it the right way around. Once you have stitched, zig zag both layers together on the edges, so that it doesn’t fray in the wash (remember to leave a 10cm gap with the zig zag as well).

18th may i pad 0272

Turn it the right way around and press the edges flat with an iron and some steam. Turn the edges of the opening in and pin it together. Increase the length of your straight stitch on your machine to 3.5 and topstich all the way round the edge of the cape, staying 0.5mm away from the edge. I topstitched to stop the lining from sliding around and it looks nice too!

18th may i pad 0282     18th may i pad 029 2

After this I had to make a button hole using the button hole foot. If you don’t have one, you can use velcro instead, or  sew on a hook and eye. Then stitch on the button, on the other side. If you want to use your cape on both sides, then sew a button on both sides to make it look nice.

18th may i pad 032 2   18th may i pad 030 2

18th may i pad 031 2

Here is my finished cape, I loved it so much, I made another one for me to keep in blue!

18th may i pad 035 2 18th may i pad 082 v2

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  1. “It’s a pretty amazing thing to do, right? I found out about I Am Supercapes through Saskia, aka Dotty Bobbin, who left a lovely comment about it on one of my blog posts. Saskia runs weekly sewing classes for both adults and children from her home in Hemel Hempstead and her Wednesday evening class has been getting stuck in with making a batch of capes for Claudia to send overseas. If you would like to get involved, Saskia has a fantastic step-by-step guide on how to make a cape on her blog, which you can find here.”